If you were Mayor, how would you shape the city? On which city projects would you use money? The Mayor wants to know what you think. With this city game you will be challenged to look at the city with new eyes and to send the policy on all matters that concern young people.

PlanTrekkers ™

PlanTrekkers ™ is a city game around the theme of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship and self-knowledge. Market research and save your business from destruction. Original ideas and smart investments can help you. With PlanTrekkers ™ you discover how a company works and what you need for it. Who knows, you will discover the hole in the market!

NoCredit, GameOver!®

No Credit, Game Over! ® is a city game that sets young people around a socially relevant theme, namely “debts”. You creep into the skin of a character who is deeply in debt. With a tablet and social media you go looking for solutions in your city or municipality. This way you take decisions yourself and you become acquainted with various agencies and organizations.


After the school starts applying! But how does all this work? In this city game, young job-seekers are guided in a playful way in the search for work. You will be in contact with many organizations and managers who will help you take the first steps in the labor market. With #Work ™ you have a first job application experience in a safe environment and you are ready for the real work!


Experience theater in a totally new way! During this interactive game, young people discover who is working on a performance for one behind the scenes. You each take on your own role in the theater company and thus make a success of the final spectacle. PLAY ™ is an experience game that gives you more sense with what you see on stage. This way you will be well prepared for your next performance.

ACV Union Match

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MindFits™ is een Serious Urban Game® die op een speelse manier het taboe rond mentaal welbevinden doorbreekt en preventief te werk gaat. Versterk je zelfgekozen personage door missies uit te voeren en knopen door te hakken. Trek met je team en tablet de stad in, breng het sociaal netwerk van jouw personage in kaart en maak kennis met mensen en organisaties die je kunnen ondersteunen. Zo ontdek je tips & tricks over hoe om te gaan met dipjes en stress. Maar… opgepast! Houd je energiepeil goed in het oog en draag ook zorg voor de andere personages. Alleen zo maak je kans op de overwinning!

Where is the Water?!™

Where is the Water?!™ zet in op sensibilisering en activering rond de wereldwijde waterproblematiek. Ontdek hoe je je eigen watervoetafdruk kan verlagen, wat het verschil is tussen direct en indirect watergebruik en wat het eerlijk wateraandeel is. Ervaar de impact van jouw keuzes, niet alleen op hun eigen leven maar ook op dat van mensen op een andere plaats in de wereld.


Speciaal voor de beurs ontwikkelde [ew32] samen met EasyFairs de SETTwijzer, een interactieve gids die je als spelend door de beurs leidt en waar je bovendien leuke prijzen mee kan winnen!


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Debt, ecology, job search …

In a team, gamers gain valuable life experience with social problems that everyone, sooner or later, directly or indirectly, is confronted with.

This innovative approach contributes to broader discussion of these themes. In this way we work together actively to close social gaps.


Think global, act local.

The local community forms the Urban Playground to explore social themes.

Gamers meet local actors on their way through their city. Through intensive cooperation each game is customized to the local context and needs so that each game becomes a unique experience and collaboration.


Learn while playing

With an avatar the gamers go through a virtual world that merges with reality. Through various missions and levels, serious topics are converted into a role playing game.

Armed with a tablet in hand, the gamers take their objectives , who continue to challenge and surprise.